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Busy couple of weeks...

Two Open Days and three more beautiful birds, plus dozens of young giant weta nymphs!

The past weekends we had two successful open days with a total of 54 people visiting the reserve with beautiful weather.
Visitors enjoyed the captivating boat tour on board the Pelorus Mailboat, and we'd like to thank Jim and Amanda for taking the bookings and making sure everything ran well.
A guided bush tour and a look into the breeding programme for the Kakariki and the Giant Weta was also part of the programme. The day finished with a talk from Leona about the rodent detection work she is doing.

Leona talking about the rodent detection work she is doing

After a bit of a difficult start with the Yellow Crowned Kakariki breeding programme, things are looking much better now.
One Kakariki couple have chicks, still early days as they are still on the nest but we have counted five of them.
Yesterday three Yellow Crowned Kakariki arrived by helicopter from Lochmara Lodge, together with the chicks this will boost the programme. We'd like to thank Rosemary, Pete and of course Lochmara's team for making the Kakariki transfer possible.

helicopter arriving with the birds, helicopter pilot handing them over to Ellen and Brian

1 Esmae releasing the Kakariki into the aviary

Tui Nature Reserve updates from 2008 - 2018

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