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First release

Today we had our first 17 Giant Wetas released on a nearby island in the Marlborough Sounds.

The Department of Conservation (thanks Phil) kindly picked them up and released them on Puangiangi. The juvenile wetas that hatched last year, will have to look after themselves now together with other wetas that have been released on earlier occasions.

to puangiangi
Department of Conservation picking up the Giant Wetas to release them on Puangiangi.

The remaining ten juvenile wetas stay at Tui as they will be part of this upcoming year's breeding stock.
This year about 60 wetas hatched, twice as much as last year, which is very exciting.

On another positive note, the yellow crowned Kakariki (green native parrot) had 5 chicks this year. A new aviary is almost completed and will home Kakariki too. The idea is that we will have three breeding pairs. Fledglings will be released at project Janszoon.

kakariki fledglings
Kakariki fledglings enjoying the salad and seeds

hatched giant weta
Recently hatched 'giant' weta

weta house
Leona and Ellen working in the weta house, changing greens of the wetas

Tui Nature Reserve updates from 2008 - 2018

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