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Trust needs help to bring birdsong back

The Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust is encouraging interested people to assist this popular conservation project by becoming supporting members.

Since being started in 1994, the Tui Nature Reserve project has made huge progress in restoring the natural heritage of Otuhoto Peninsula on the Waitata Reach. An important new project at the reserve has been started to construct a predator diverting fence to keep out large animals, such as pigs and goats.

This project, like many others over the years, has relied on the efforts of volunteers from all over the world and the Plaisier family who manage the reserve.

Through extensive predator trapping and the breeding of captive native species for release, the habitats and wildlife of the Tui Nature Reserve are well on the way towards their former pristine health.

Hopefully it won't be long before the re-introduction of species formerly present in the reserve can be started, such as the return of south island robins.

As well as the obvious species conservation projects, the trust has developed educational programmes for young people to encourage their awareness of conservation and the environment through practical experiences in the field.

To further the conservation and educational activities in the reserve, the Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust, a registered charitable organisation, was established in 2011.

It has five trustees and an advisory group of 16 members, all with a wide range of skills and expertise to contribute. While much physical work has been carried out to achieve the objectives of the trust, such as building aviaries, trapping rats and possums, and building the new fence, money is needed to fund these activities, such as the purchase of materials.

Members will receive a biannual newsletter about what has been happening at the reserve, and be informed of open days, presentations, workshops, ongoing restoration work and practical field trips on offer.

All funds generated by members' contributions will be put towards the reserve's conservation projects.

Yearly membership costs $30 a person, $50 a family and $100 a group.

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