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Red Crowned Kakariki chick

Recently we welcomed the arrival of a new Red Crowned Kakariki in the avairy. It’s been quite a long struggle for their mother, Mystry, who attempted to hatch eggs many times already.

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Possible future translocation of ROBINS to Tui Nature Reserve

Ralph Powlesland spent several years studying robin ecology at Kaikoura, South Island (1976-1979) and at Pureora, North Island (1996-1999). His studies included determining nesting success and adult mortality in relation to numbers of various introduced predators, particularly rats and stoats.

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Dolphins and Gannets in the Bay

"Grab the dog's, mate, we're off !" Liam said to me on a Sunday afternoon before heading off to the beach. We took nothing but the dogs, camera and cellphone and walked down to the wharf.

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Tui Nature Reserve updates from 2008 - 2018

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