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Koru Native Wildlife Centre

In June 2017 we started the fence around the newly leased area at Smith’s Farm Holiday Park. After years of experience and the financial input of our foundation sponsor New Zealand King Salmon Ltd - we’ve built an office, visitor room with outside seating, and a display room for different kinds of traps, mouse proof aviaries and enclosures to produce a lot of chicks and weta. Our bird aviaries are designed for one breeding pair each, as we find they are having better results than holding a flock of birds in one aviary. The weta took up residence in two outside enclosures, and the nocturnal building. Smaller nymphs are living in terrariums and other tanks.

In 2018 we received funding from the Lottery Board and Rata Foundation to expand the number of aviaries and enclosures to a total of 5 aviaries, 2 weta enclosures, 1 nocturnal building and 1 building with gecko and a kitchen.

October 2018 Koru Native Wildlife Centre opening the doors to visitors. Official opening is planned late January.

November/December 2018

Koru Centre - We are now working on the finishing touches of the nocturnal building and an educational programme for visiting schools.
Tui Nature Reserve – We are installing electrical wiring to the fence to protect it from burrowing and climbing animals.

Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust

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