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giant weta


Worth the wait!
The long awaited Giant Weta’s have arrived at Tui, all ten of them! They are a fantastic looking insect and we hope they like their new home.

It was a great occassion, with an official Iwi blessing from Michael Elkington (Ngati Koata). We were even joined by Michael’s mother, who also helped releasing the Weta’s in the enclosure. This is all part of a captive native breeding/education programme.

We like to thank everyone involved to make this possible, especially Ngati Koata, Mike Aviss, Roy Grose, Ian Millar all from Department of Conservation, and the people that have collected the Giant Weta’s from Stephen’s Island, where the Weta’s come from.

giant wetas arrival at Tui Nature Reserve Marlborough Sounds conservation project

 Read more about the Giant Weta in Marlborough Express article.

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