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Sirocco transfer from Maud Island

sirocco kakapoWhat a day. This morning (14/08) the day started very early as we had to be on Maud Island at 06.45 which meant we had to leave in the dark. When we arrived on the wharf we started scrubbing our boots when Linda (DOC) came over with a special pad where you had to stand on to sanitize your boots, as there are strict quarantine rules to enter Maud Island, home to some highly endangered animals.

Brian stayed on the boat enjoying the beautiful morning chorus and the rest of the family went up hill to meet 'your highness'.


Sirocco the famous nocturnal Kakapo was still wide awake and could hear Linda coming. He was quite curious and liked hanging out by the viewing window where Esmae was standing. He was a bit more suspicious of the 'guests' in his enclosure. After some handy tricks from Linda, Sirocco ended up in his travel box, ready for his trip to Duncan Bay from where he leaves to the North Island. We could hear him complaining a bit but that comes with a famous lifestyle. For people that don't know this, Sirocco is the ambassador for the Kakapo Recovery Programme. As Sirocco is hand raised, he is very used to people which makes him ideal for the job.


In 1995 there were only 50 Kakapo left but today, thanks to the wonderful work of the Kakapo Recovery Programme there are 126 Kakapo. For anyone with an interest in this amazing bird you can get a lot more info on www.kakaporecovery.org.nz.

After this wonderful experience for the whole family it was finished off by a display of dolphins and lots of Gannets. We wish Sirocco and Linda a safe journey to the North Island.


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