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Following has been written by our latest wwoofer (volunteer) Nils from Germany.

volunteer december 2013Well, how to start? Describing a scenery like the one I have right now seems to be a huge problem. The amazingly calm sea in the middle, a wildlife heritage in the front and the stunning mountain ranges in the background surrounded by the last breath of the dying sun. Fitting adjectives would be lovely, lonely, native and wild.

The sound of birds will gain your attention and is only interrupted by the deep grumbling noise of a mussel boat whick looks like a man made trespasser in the breathtaking environment.
Association this blessed spot of mother earth with the place where retired couples spend their last days seems right in the first moments. Thinking a few seconds more, the enlightening thought appears that a lot of work needs to be done to settle down in the outer sounds. Staying power and the will to face and stand huge challenges will be rewarded with your own little kingdom where life always has an adventuring touch.

To be honest, I appreciate what the Tui Team founded and built up. Its a long lasting project with outstanding people behind it. The story of success in breeding local species like parakeet or lizards, eradication of predators and the struggle against the pollution of the Marlborough Sounds as well as New Zealands environment should be the ideal of conservation work all over the world. Rewards from national environmental organisations confirm my point.

Its even better to be part of the team. The satisfying feeling that you supported the project will beat your sore muscles after digging holes for fences or climbing the shore to check traps.

Photo -  Nils and Liam checking the stoat traps around Maud Island.

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